What is a business-to-business appointment?

B2B appointment setting is a sales development activity in which specialist reps cold phone and follow up with top-of-funnel leads to set up sales appointments for a close sales rep who will provide a more detailed sales pitch.

The goal of B2B appointment scheduling is to delegate prospecting so that the closing salesperson (or account executive) may focus on quality prospects solely. This is especially useful when dealing with higher-priced sales, which take longer to nurture and close.

To minimise the cost and trouble of performing this post internally, many organisations choose to outsource the appointment arranging function.

What is the role of an appointment setter?

Sales leads are contacted by an appointment setter to book sales meetings and product demonstrations. Cold leads, inbound marketing leads, and warm leads are contacted by appointment setters, who do so mostly via phone. An appointment setter’s responsibilities include qualifying leads by ensuring that they are a good fit for the product and have purchasing authority.

What is the job description of a sales development representative?

The appointment setter function, which entails prospecting and scheduling sales appointments, is referred to as sales development representative (SDR). These reps, also known as business development representatives (BDRs), work to establish the top of the sales funnel by cold contacting, qualifying leads, and nurturing them early on.

Skills of a sales development representative

What qualifications do you need to work as an appointment setter? To be successful, an SDR must possess the following abilities:

  1. Recognize and communicate value propositions
  2. Determine the best point of contact for an account 3. Overcome objections by gaining a thorough understanding of the prospect’s needs and pain spots.
  3. In order to obtain prospect information for sales, ask exploration inquiries.
  4. Master the leadership-created, repeatable daily procedure.
  5. Use Salesforce or the CRM of your choice to navigate.
  6. Increase call volume on a regular basis.

Selling high-priced B2B items

If you offer high-ticket items or specialise in huge agreements, sealing a sale will almost certainly need several touchpoints and winning over multiple stakeholders through account-based sales (ABS). B2B appointment setup entails identifying key decision-makers and persistently following up with prospects until they are ready for a sales call, minimising the amount of time and effort closing reps have to devote to these discovery and nurturing tasks.

Our Sales-as-a-Channel (SaaC) methodology enables your SDR team to quickly test various techniques before settling on a winning go-to-market strategy. It’s just half the struggle to get the appropriate person on the phone. Stop wasting time on hold and start talking to key decision-makers who have the power to complete a business. We don’t believe outsourcing is a “risky move,” which is why we invite you to browse through our case studies to learn how we can give appointments of unrivaled quality.