Some businesses choose to outsource all of their outbound telemarketing services, while others prefer to do so on a “a la carte” basis. When opting for the latter, it’s best to concentrate on services that will help you expand your business the most, such as appointment setting. Hiring and training an in-house telemarketing team, as well as providing them with the necessary equipment and office space, is a costly undertaking. Allow a telemarketing company to handle your appointment scheduling instead of taking on these additional responsibilities.

Concentrate on its advantages: While cold contacting and pre-screening, potential clients are important components of getting new accounts, your time would be better spent building your company.  Furthermore, while sales personnel may be skilled at completing deals, getting individuals to the table may not be one of their strong suits. You and your team will be more productive if you outsource business to business lead gen.

Average Costs of Appointment Scheduling Services

  • B2B leads can cost as little as $200 per appointment for low-cost providers, but depending on the client and/or the intricacy of your campaign, they might cost as much as $1000.00 or more.
  • If paying by the hour, anticipate paying between $25 and $50.
  • Depending on your campaign, set up expenses could range from $3500.00 to $7500.00.

Costs of Appointment Setting Services

  • Performance based appointments, in hi-tech for example, start at $800 to $900 per appointment for with quality companies.
  • Hourly rates for full and part-time SDR are becoming more popular and the SDR becomes an extension of your company.
  • Let’s not forget the start-up fee, which generally includes data creation, script writing, email creation, call testing, learning the clients value prop and training the SDR.

Your business-savvy agents will report back with key takeaways from their conversations with prospects on the front lines. Their suggestions are used to improve your marketing strategy. Before launching your product, our SDRs go through three times the industry standard training. But it doesn’t stop there; all SDRs must attend regular coaching sessions to get the best possible results. You need appointments to increase your bottom line, not just to fill your calendar. That’s why we gauge our success by creating a favorable return on investment for your company.