It’s difficult to generate leads. It’s all about trying out different strategies and focusing on the ones that work best for you. We’ve compiled ten excellent B2B lead generating methods for 2021 in this article.

Some of them are significant techniques that Hunter employed to get from zero to two million users in only five years. Others are successful techniques that industry professionals decided to share with us for this guide.

Before we get into the examples, it’s crucial to understand the basics of lead generation and where it fits into your sales funnel. If everything is apparent to you, go straight to the first strategy.

What is business-to-business (B2B) lead generation?

Simply simply, B2B (business-to-business) lead generation is the act of acquiring fresh leads for a company that markets and sells to another company.

Lead generation is a critical component of B2B firms’ long-term success. To put it another way, businesses produce leads in order to attract more clients, who then generate more income for the company.

How can you integrate lead creation into your sales funnel?

Because most leads aren’t ready to make a purchase straight after viewing your website for the first time, defining your sales funnel before beginning lead generation activities is critical (or right after you contact them for the first time).

Establishing a sales funnel in the early stages is even more important for B2B enterprises. According to this survey, 48 percent of businesses believe that leads take a long time to convert into paying clients. As a result, rather than focusing on instant sales, B2B enterprises must be patient.

ATTRACT: When someone comes to your website for the first time, the sales funnel begins (or when you contact your audience for the first time). Instead of focusing on direct sales at this time, you should focus on increasing awareness and trust.

ENGAGE: Website visits convert (or do not) into leads in the second stage, also known as the middle of the funnel. Simply use your marketing research to identify your leads’ pain areas.

CONVERT: The goal at the bottom of the funnel is to get your prospects to buy something. It’s time to make some money.


There are several methods for generating leads. Our team and renowned industry professionals have tried and tested all of the tactics discussed in this book. And they all performed admirably.

However, we’re confident that there are a slew of other excellent B2B lead generating strategies that we didn’t cover in our book. Have you had good luck with some of them?

And don’t forget that lead creation is just the beginning. Once you’ve gathered leads through these methods, it’s time to convert them into long-term customers.