• Includes data creation, training on your products, script writing, email creation, and call testing.
  • The BDR will make 300 calls per day on average full time and 150 part time (four times the normal call volume of internal resources.)
  • Emails will be sent on a daily basis.
  • The BDR will be tasked with arranging at least two meetings on a weekly basis, of course, striving for more.
  • The BDR will produce a daily report on all calls made, including the call dispositions; number of calls, meeting set, call backs, hangups, not interested, or not the right person. (**Valuable marketing metrics)
  • The operations manager will send these reports with metrics on a weekly basis along with the meetings arranged report.
  • The MMI management team will supervise all aspects of the process including; monitoring calls for quality; enriching the database, and refreshing emails with new copy.
  • The BDR will nurture appointments that went to a second step where you can’t reach the prospect back, for no additional charge.